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Write Into Money

Photo by Aaron Burden

Your writing will do you right if you cultivate it the right way! Many people are unaware of the vast opportunities that exist for writers professionally. One can break into the industry across multiple genres, from screenwriting to playwright, from academic to business, from entertainment to fiction.

I recently attended a high school graduation of some students who were in my writing class from sixth to eighth grade. Initially, most of them despised the subject until I made it culturally relevant and showed them how they can take command of the common language to change their lives in more ways than one. It was nice to see and hear how the latter is manifesting into reality. A good number of my former students are aspiring authors and lyricists. Best of all, some have meticulously wrote essays that helped them land scholarship funds for college!

Now more than ever, writing is proving itself to be one of the best therapeutic tools to cope with the ills of the pandemic and society's Babylonian ways. With the right training and consistency, writing can definitely do you right mentally, emotionally, and financially!

Berwick Augustin is a published author, poet, and educator. He offers self-paced online courses that teach the basic elements of writing and the structure of opinion, informative, and argumentative essays. He is also an educator, spoken word poet, author, and consultant at Evoke180 publishing.

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