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Power of Words

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Words brought this world into existence; they've been building and destroying ever since. Last week, the world was captivated by Amanda Gorman's well crafted poetic words at the United States presidential Inauguration. While many are still quoting her phenomenal lines, those of us who live in the world of words appreciate the fact that the poet rightly used the platform for such a time as this.

The reality is we are all poets! We have a stage and an audience each day we use our God given breath to utter words in the ears of the people around us. Amanda's words brought life and health into the psyche of the U.S. Like her, you and I have a sea of individuals in our circle of influences who are on life support, our words can either be the life giving treatment they need or create a flat line.

In the first spoken word CD I released, "The Base, The Chase, The Place," I entitled a track "Legacy of Poetry," where I reminded listeners that ...The tongue is a powerful weapon

Next time you speak make sure you protect and not kill

especially the legacy of poetry."

The spoken word CD is available on Apple Music and Spotify

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