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Benefits of Essay Writing

As humans, language is as important to daily life as breathing. For some reason, when it comes to putting thoughts on paper, many people are terrified and reluctant. Naturally, we are all writers. Unfortunately, many of us choose not to put pen to pad. Among the vast amount of modes of written communication, essay writing is arguably the most feared.

The word essay is derived from the Latin word, ‘exagium,’ which means to present a case. Writing an essay is to focus on a single topic of discussion. The idea must be outlined in an organized way and supported by facts. We all have had the experience of either arguing a position or explaining something to someone. Academic writing is no different, it simply empowers you to present your thoughts in a disciplined way.

Research confirms that writing an essay has a plethora of benefits; it improves and structures critical thinking skills. Academic writing typically requires the writer to address a particular audience, which forces the wordsmith to think from other people’s point of view. On a practical standpoint, such skill enables the author to understand family, friends, and colleagues in a better way. Unfortunately, these benefits are not introduced to students in school. Since most adults, including educators, cringe at the thought of writing an essay, there’s a negative stigma attached to this expert ability. Despite the latter, academic writing does have a prominent impact in the lives of students.

Essay Writing Opportunities

  1. Berwick Augustin’s online Essay Writing Course- COMING SOON!

  2. Principle House Publishing essay submissions for students and teachers about their COVID-19 pandemic experiences.


Berwick Augustin is an educator and published author. He is a former reading and writing teacher. As an assistant director of Academics, he is responsible for on-going development and training for multiple departments, including writing. Berwick is also the founder of Evoke180 Publishing.

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