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The Power of Celebrating Diversity

Updated: Dec 31

Diverse cultures weave together a vibrant mosaic that reflects the infinite creativity of God, the Almighty Creator. Each culture, with its unique traditions, languages, and expressions, contributes to the beauty of God's creation. The diversity found in cultures around the world is not a random occurrence; it is a deliberate manifestation of God's creative intent. Can you imagine how dull the planet would be if everyone looked, talked, danced, and cooked the same? A world without Haitian food would be the greatest crime ever committed to mankind!

I've had the privilege of meeting some amazing individuals who were born in the same Haitian culture as me. Together, we're spearheading the first annual Haitian Independence Arts and Culture Celebration at the Lauderhill City Hall grounds on Saturday, January 27th, 2024 from 12pm-5pm. This free event is dedicated to celebrating the rich heritage of Haiti and fostering civic and community engagement.  The theme of family friendly experience is "Ayiti Arise." It will educate patrons through Haitian art, music, dance, poetry, and cuisine while promoting cultural exchange in our community along with surrounding cities in South Florida.

In the same way that the various parts of the body function together for a common purpose, diverse cultures contribute to the unity and strength of the broader human family. By appreciating and understanding different cultural perspectives, we foster a sense of unity that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. In addition to the City of Lauderhill, there is a host of partner organizations that include, but are not limited to, Haitian Mobilization Committee, Community Alliance Relief Empowerment Services (CARES), Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce (HAAMCC), Evoke180, and more. On that note, you are officially invited to join the movement at the Haitian Independence Arts and Culture Celebration on January 27th, 2024 as a guest, sponsor, vendor, craft vendor, or food vendor to appreciate the rich history of Ayiti and its beautiful people! For more information email

Berwick Augustin is the founder of Evoke180, a leading publishing company that also specializes in Haitian-Creole translations. He is an educational consultant and keynote speaker who embodies two decades of experience as a writer, teacher, and assistant principal. Berwick is the author, most recently, of The Education Formula, Days, Months, and Seasons in Haitian-Creole, The Haitian-Creole Alphabet-and 1803 The Haitian Flag.

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