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Meet Berwick

Poet | Writer | Educator | Motivational Speaker

Berwick Augustin is a dynamic author, keynote speaker, and educational consultant who works with individuals and organizations to amplify their cultural diversity and effectiveness. Audiences delight in his practical strategies.

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The Berwick Augustin Academy

As a certified teacher, Berwick uses interactive tools to help students understand each stage of the writing process through a series of self-paced essay writing courses. When completed, the course will not only boost scholars' academic performance, it will also equip them with the skill to be highly effective writers in today’s increasingly competitive professional and corporate job markets.

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About the experience...

“We recently hosted the Spark Hope Now Live Cast experience with Berwick Augustin. As the creator of this virtual experience, our team was elated to work with Berwick. He delivered an engaging, enlightening, and energetic presentation that left our attendees wanting more. We appreciate his professionalism and passion that connected with our virtual attendees from around the world.”

Simon T. Bailey

Breakthrough Strategist, Author, Speaker


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