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Foundational Education for Haitian Children's Success

Our vision is to provide children of Haitian descent from zero to 10 years old with the foundational education they need to succeed spiritually, culturally, and intellectually. Our mission is to empower parents and teachers with culturally relevant literacy and academic tools to equip children with a strong educational foundation in Haitian Creole and biblical values.

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Building a strong educational foundation for children of Haitian descent is not a mere responsibility, it's an unwavering act of empowerment that not only shapes their future, but also connects them to their roots, culture, and spirituality.



Imagination is an evolving time capsule. Research shows that when children are stuck in emotional pain that lacks healthy expressions, it can manifest into destructive behaviors. This raw and authentic bilingual book of poems written by three joyful siblings features their innocent moments of life that capture a variety of emotions. From family life to faith to nature to living through a pandemic; the angelic voices in between the words echo with humor and wisdom. Positive mental health is essential for children to thrive and learn. This book exemplifies writing as a healthy gateway that opens our children’s minds to a world of possibilities.


"The first book in a series that brings scripture to life for children"


The Lord's Prayer is one of many ancient examples from Jesus on how to pray intimately and effectively to the father. This powerful passage is all-inclusive with themes of worship, forgiveness, repentance, and provision. This children's book embodies Jesus' call to "let the little children come to Him." Berwick Augustin weaves his faith and culture into this bilingual book to creatively help parents teach their children the Lord's prayer and the many lessons within it. In this book, you will find delightful illustrations, English and Haitian Creole text, and discussion questions to empower.

Price:  $14.99

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