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New Book Cover

I've got exciting news! Are you ready for another book release!? This time it's not one of my projects. It's a book that one of my clients at Evoke180 Publishing will be releasing next month. After you read this, tell me what you think.

The cover art just arrived for the book, I Am Enough by Rachael Ann Riley. I couldn't keep the excitement to myself, so I wanted to give you a first look before anyone else.

I Am Enough is a riveting story about strength and determination that will empower single parents with tools to strengthen their faith, ability to set goals, and persistence. In this fictional memoir, Rachael walks readers through the adversities of a divorced mom who overcomes struggles and challenges. She personifies resilience and is an inspiration to those who have lost hope along the way.

The book is set to release on Saturday, January 22nd, 2022. It's a FREE event, but tickets need to be reserved on eventbrite.

Thanks for sharing in my excitement! I can't wait to get this new book into your hands or onto your e-reader device. You're going to enjoy it!


Berwick Augustin is a published author and educator. He offers self-paced online courses that teach the basic elements of writing and the structure of opinion, informative, and argumentative essays. He is also a speaker, spoken word poet and consultant at Evoke180 publishing.

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