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Penelope's Purple Passions Book Launch

There's nothing more magical than leaving a piece of you for others to enjoy. That's the sensation Penelope Chaisson experienced a few weeks ago as she released her debut poetry book entitled, Penelope's Purple Passions. The masterpiece metaphorically borrows the emergence process of a butterfly to take readers on a journey of how innocent love starts out pure, gets exposed to pain, and uses the experiences to grow in the knowledge of self and love.

The process of turning an idea into a published body of work is no small feat. Most people dream of writing a book, but very few actually go through with it. It takes an enormous amount of discipline to become an author. I was honored that Penelope trusted my company, Evoke180 Publishing, to guide her through the process.

After months of meetings, writing, editing, coaching, and planning I hosted Penelope's big day at the Miramar Cultural Center. The venue was elegantly decorated by Events and Then Some as DJ Big Ben kept the crowd rocking with great music. I interviewed Penny as she intimately informed the audience about her passion for writing, the concept behind her book, and the experience of becoming an author. At the end of the day, it was fulfilling to see the joy in Penelope's eyes as she celebrated her monumental accomplishment.


Berwick Augustin is a published author and educator. He offers self-paced online courses that teach the basic elements of writing and the structure of opinion, informative, and argumentative essays. He is also a spoken word poet and consultant at Evoke180 publishing.

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