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Total Control

Berwick Augustin

My three kids and I play this fun game every time I take them shopping. We look for the carts with the steering wheels so they can drive and dictate which parts of the store we go to. After they argue over who gets to drive first, we start our exciting journey! It’s a sight for sore eyes! I mean it’s like a real life Daytona 500: my children are laughing and screaming, I’m making car sounds, swerving, and turning the cart into multiple directions. I make pit stops to pick up items on the shopping list and random things we happen to knock down. During those moments, they’re elated and affirmed that they are in total control of the navigation process. Until, I decide it’s time to finalize the list and cash out at the register. Frustration ignites in their eyes. When they turn left and I make a right, one usually utter, “daddy, I turned this way, but you went the other way.”

What they fail to realize is they were always under the control of my will. What appeared to be daddy acquiescing to their request was actually a granted privilege. Ultimately, the routes always led to the pick up of items on my shopping list and eventually my final destination. After all, as the parent I know what’s best.

Similarly as adults, we like to think that we’re in control of our lives, finances, and resources until a crisis like COVID19 happens to give us a reality check. As the days and weeks of quarantine flow into one another, my prayer is we come to terms with the fact that we were never in control of anything in this life. The more we resist this reality, the harder it’ll be to get through this season in our lives.

God knows the plans He has for us. No temper tantrums, “expert” forecasting, market crashes, unemployment, or wars will change the course of His final destination for His world. It’s heart wrenching to know people are going through death of loved ones and gruesome predicaments as a result of God’s will. We may not understand things in the moment they’re happening. The process will not be easy, but He promises to provide peace, comfort, and healing for those who are brokenhearted and contrite in spirit. As long as they search for Him while He can be found and lean into his wisdom. He knows what’s best, trusting in Him instead of the myriad of distractions is the only way you can be guaranteed security and rest. How many times are you going to lose control before you accept the reality that you are not in control of your life? The road to fully depend on Jesus may not be easy, but it's definitely worth the destination He'll take you to.

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