Roseline Deronvil Interview-Juggling Homeschooling and Entrepreneurship

Roseline Deronvil is a stay at home wife, mom, homeschooling educator who somehow finds a way to balance a busy life despite the juggling act.

She's also an entrepreneur who runs Triogah, an online business that sells handmade artisan soaps made with all natural vegetable oils and luxurious butters.

The last 15 years have been challenging for Roseline. After her wedding, she only had a year to manage being a wife and mother. A few years later, the family made the decision to home school their first born Giana. With two more beautiful children, AJ and Hannah, added to the fold, Roseline enjoys taking care of her family while pursuing entrepreneurship endeavors despite the hardships.


What would you say most motivates you to do what you do? When I see the end results of my kids. As parents, we sacrifice our lives for the betterment of our children. Watching them grow, learn, and blossom keep me motivated.