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Righteous Fear

What is the one thing that can make you run out of your skin? Shake you to the core to the point where you feel like your entire life is in shambles. Fear is an innate element we are all born with. A healthy version of it can actually save your life when you die.

2020 is definitely a year that brought planet earth to its knees. Thousands of people across the globe have lost their lives, millions are living with debilitating scars, and innumerable side effects will rise in years to come. We've all succumbed to the reality that life is fleeting and our time on this side of heaven is short.

How can the right fear arm us with the artillery to be conquerors in the midst of these tumultuous days? Homelessness and socioeconomic status are ravaging our physical health, suicide is leading the way among mental health diseases, and people are on a seesaw with their spiritual faith. Out of the three, established values of spirituality is the most effective antidote to life's countless stressors.

Spirituality can be so vague. Many people with distinct beliefs still fall victim to circumstances after it's all said and done. Personally, a strong relationship with Jesus has taught me to live by the truth of knowing that fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, knowledge of the Holy one is understanding. Those words are more than pretty syllables that paints this blog with cute anecdotes. I've experienced some traumatic experiences so far in my short lifespan. At one point, I almost jumped into the arms of suicide; neither money, family, parties, drugs, nor counselor were able to stop me. Just in the nick of time, the biblical foundation that was embedded in my soul took over and reminded me that nothing or no one on earth should jeopardize eternity with my Savior.

COVID-19 definitely hit home in more ways than one, but it never shook my core because my faith is anchored in an immovable rock called Christ. I used to be afraid of dying. I would internally lament about the earthly treasures, relationships, and accomplishments that I used to hold onto tightly. Today, I've matured into having a healthy fear and reverence for God and understanding that this temporary breath of life WILL end someday. When it does, my eyelids will close on this fleeting earth, but instantaneously open in the blissful presence of my eternal King.

Am I afraid? Yes! I have a righteous fear of Jesus that helps me to remain calm in the midst of pandemics and other storms life WILL bring. This doesn't mean I don't go through the pain, hurt, tears, and sorrows tomorrow has in store. It means when I'm down in those dark alleys of life, my faith will eventually help me rise above situations because my soul in the secure hands of an omnipotent God!


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