Righteous Fear

What is the one thing that can make you run out of your skin? Shake you to the core to the point where you feel like your entire life is in shambles. Fear is an innate element we are all born with. A healthy version of it can actually save your life when you die.

2020 is definitely a year that brought planet earth to its knees. Thousands of people across the globe have lost their lives, millions are living with debilitating scars, and innumerable side effects will rise in years to come. We've all succumbed to the reality that life is fleeting and our time on this side of heaven is short.

How can the right fear arm us with the artillery to be conquerors in the midst of these tumultuous days? Homelessness and socioeconomic status are ravaging our physical health, suicide is leading the way among mental health diseases, and people are on a seesaw with their spiritual faith. Out of the three, established values of spirituality is the most effective antidote to life's countless stressors.