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Open Mic For Teachers

COVID-19 is causing the largest catastrophe of education systems in history as it is disrupting 1.6 billion learners in over 190 countries on all continents. The pandemic is exposing equity and a myriad of long standing disparities in the field of education. Educators are on the front line of that battle as they speak to computer screens in anorexic classrooms on a daily basis. On top of the many hats teachers wear, they have to add navigating virtual school and the devastating thought of losing their lives every time they go to work.

I recently wrote a short poem about a fallen colleague who fell victim to the COVID-19 virus. The impact of this reality is surreal. As school districts and administrators fish for solutions, I've joined a group of educators and mental health counselors who are sponsoring two open mic events that will provide a safe space for educators and high schoolers to come release and relate before they go on Christmas break.

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