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Numbered Words II-Love Between The Lines

The wisdom between the lines. That was my mantra a few years ago when I released "Numbered Words," a book designed to convey succinct poems packed with powerful lessons. The poem's numerical number determined the amount of words it contained. For instance, the first poem has 1 word while the fiftieth poem has 50 words.

This is poem number 5 from the first book. In the midst of the hate, uncertainty, and bigotry that exist in our country, I was inspired to add some Christ centered love to our globe. At the end of the day, I believe all issues begin at the feet of the family. Broken marriages and fractured families have produced a world of reckless human beings in our midst.

I'm currently working on the second book of the series that will contain poems #51-100. This time, the theme will be around love. The new book will be divided into three parts: the courtship, the wedding, and the marriage. Marital covenant is God's institution and blueprint for a strong society. Unfortunately, we live in a culture that has moved light years away from it.

After 10 years of being married, 3 children, and exposure to a multitude of varying marriages, I've been fortunate to learn some insightful nuggets about the topic. I'm hoping the book will add some value to the lives of those who read it. I also plan on sharing snippets of the poems until the book is released! Here is one that's in the works:

I can't afford to go through this much longer

I need to marry my reality with her

So I can capture

the one person

I feel can intimately guard my heart

I feel like when I cherish this goddess,

She will exalt me

When I embrace her,

She will honor me

To the point where we're so close

We hang on to each other like clothes. © Copyright Berwick Augustin 2021

In the mean time, check out book one and leave a comment or review. If you're an amazon shopper, the kindle version is currently reduced to $0.99!

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