Letter to My Younger Self (Dig Deeper)

If I can turn hindsight into right now, I would have my younger self dig deeper with precision. I would keep a shovel in my brain and unearth gold nuggets out of every experience. God gave me gold mines I never explored. There were answers to questions I never asked. I would warn my younger self to take advantage of the locksmith in my mind to open doors that I was supposed to open, kick off the hinges, and be the lamp on the stand instead of a light under a bed.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment of fun and miss the archaeological tactic of leaving substantial evidence for the future to awe about. “I got time” was a lie I regurgitated in the past. It kept me on the surface of ‘being good enough’ instead of drowning in greatness. I would shriek warnings to my younger self about abiding in the company of wise counsel so lack of knowledge won’t bury my destiny.

It’s no secret that Jesus spent a vast amount of time pouring into the lives of twelve men. He dug deep into their souls to enable them to disciple a cycle that forever transformed the world. Paying my learned lessons forward, I'm committed to brain dumping all of the effective skills I've learned into the lives of my children and mentor the people God has assigned to me. In the process, I'm seeking to learn more and make wiser choices myself on a daily basis.

Note to self: Live everyday