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Heart of Art

A couple of months ago, I caught wind of a commission project that was being sponsored by the Arsht Center For The Performing Arts in Miami. It was called "Heart of Art," a program designed to create a time capsule of Miami's pandemic experience captured by artists from various disciplines. Knowing how COVID-19 has affected me, I decided to apply as a spoken word artist. Thankfully my work was accepted and I'm proud to present the final product to you!

On a personal level, this spoken word piece is a drop in the bucket of the internal battles I'm enduring in this whirlwind process as a black man. The effects range from family to spiritual to cultural to economics. It's important to me to share my perspective because first and foremost my artistic ability is a sacrifice of praise I'm privileged to offer to God for gifting me with the talent. Secondly, sharing this piece exemplifies that representation is powerful. I represent the black man, my Haitian people, husbands, fathers, and educators; which are hats that carry weight that impacts generations to come on many levels. Most of all, I hope this pandemic is a wake up call for the world to recognize that this life is fleeting and fragile. I pray people begin to grapple with the reality that they need to stop toying with their eternal destiny and depend on a spiritual power beyond what they can see. For me, that higher being is Christ, who is it for you? I hope you enjoy the piece!

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Berwick Augustin
Berwick Augustin
Oct 26, 2020

Thank you! I'm glad you're encouraged! I hope all is well with you!


Simply loved “Heart of Art!” It is so awesome to see you walking in your destiny. I am encouraged......

- Teressa Ross Casmay AKA “Tee Love”

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