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Faith or Fear

There are two ferocious giants living inside of you. They exist in the life of every human being. They can either protect or destroy your existence. They are dormant until the host decides which colossal beast he or she wants to wake up. You're the only one who gets to decide which sleeping giant starves and which one gets fed. They feed on the content you expose your mind to. Ultimately, the victor depends on you. In the midst of this COVID-19 crisis, if you're consistently tuned into the news stations, social media, friends, and other conspiracy theories, fear and anxiety will consume you.

On one hand, many people are not aware that we're not created with a spirit of fear. We can't control when fear creeps up in our lives, but it's up to us to decide whether or not it overstays its welcome. On the other hand, faith is the antidote that can serve fear its eviction notice. To activate faith, you have to believe in a higher power beyond yourself and circumstances. Otherwise, you risk the reality of living a hopeless existence when life gets tough.

I've learned that when I choose to spend time at the feet of the God of heaven during a crisis, faith always prevails. After all, He is the one who controls every situation under the sun. We’re talking about the creator of the universe who says if He can take care of the birds and flowers in the field, how much more will He take care of His children? He simply wants you and I to seek Him first and often before any and everything. The Lord knows we live in a physical world with real needs in our faces in real time every second of the day, but He PROMISES fail proof solutions according to His will!

Jesus wants you to minimize your mass media messages with a disciplined mindset so He can show you how to wisely extract what you need to know to make informed decisions. Faith or fear, which beast did you feed the most today? The answer lies wherever you spent the majority of your time.

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