COVID-19 and Summer Slide

According to Unesco, the education of nearly 1.6 billion pupils in 190 countries has so far been affected by COVID-19– that’s 90% of the world’s school-age children. In the United States, we have roughly 55.1 million students who are in danger of returning to school in the fall with 50% of what they learned this past school year. In some cases, many children will be a full academic year behind. Furthermore, this pandemic has the following debilitating tentacles: cultural, social, economic, and mental health.

It's no secret that the have nots are being affected the most by COVID-19's traumatic impact. Families in affluent communities with financial resources, stable employment, flexible work from home, and childcare arrangements are weathering the corona storm pretty safely. On the other hand, families who are in the eye of the storm are those who are renting their housing, homeless, working in low-pay fields that are hardest hit by the economic impacts, unemployed, experiencing food insecurity, family instability, death of a loved one, and other shocks from this disruption. Imagine a kid trying to fight through those stressors to focus on learning. It's not impossible, but highly improbable. If there's ever a time for communities to come together to form villages and take care of one another, this is it! Moreover, take advantage of the free resources in your cities. If you're able, be a blessing to someone in need. Seek mental health counseling for your family. Your children will not be able to learn and thrive with a fractured emotional state of mind. Bedrock Counseling and Breakthrough Care and Resource Center are among a host