Copy of HELLO

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

TPS Challenge By Berwick “Underscore” Augustin

Happy Independence Day Haiti! Isn't it ironic that we're celebrating our monumental independence, but yet hopelessly dependent on another country for freedom? Haitians are devastated because the Trump administration is forcing us to go back to our homeland! Why are we begging other people not to send us back to our homes? The biggest atrocity in this situation is the families that will be divided. My heart goes out to those who will endure such a debilitating experience. As a community, we can't afford to have anymore broken families. I believe those are the kind of issues that should fuel our nation to turn the TPS situation into blazing opportunities for the deportees.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware of the country’s current instabilities, nevertheless I’m also privy to the vast financial opportunities that are being exploited in Haiti. It' sickening that most Haitians abroad won't go back home to combine resources to rebuild the island because of fearful uncertainties that include but are not limited to, corruption and security. However, since the 2010 earthquake, a myriad of Americans and foreigners like the Clintons are investing their monies in Hispaniola by building hotels and other job producing ventures. Unfortunately, those funds are not being funneled into the country's economy. I'm