Black Men

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Black men are becoming endangered species Since slavery, we’ve been targeted and slaughtered We left Africa as Kings endured the sting of lashes from the N word survived absurd inhumane treatments bodies hung on trees, planted as seeds Our blood fertilized the soil, Toiled to cultivate this land yet denied access to its fruits We’ve always been the bad weed that gets pruned and killed in this US plantation of freedom The real notion Should be #blackLivesNeverMattered

My passion and pride for my people is but a faint picture of the flame That burns in Jesus’ heart for humanity to believe in him and become his bride. Lord knows as a black man I’m trying to love my neighbor like myself, But it’s hard when they’re doing unto me What they don’t want me to do to them!

We’re backwards and country We got a country fighting over #hashtag distractions instead of real solutions internally flirting with a civil war where cops, civilians, and citizens are mourning over loved ones wrongfully toe tagged every morning Good morning America!!!

Let’s go back to ABCs of G-O-D Put on the fabric of Acts 4 To model the gospel for a hostile society suffocating for hope No law will ever legislate, alleviate, The people’s pain and persecution Trump the nonsense and preside over The fact that there’s no government solution To being gunned down because your skin is brown!

I got a bible that summons me to submit primarily To my Savior before local authorities Like David my hands are trained for war Fingers ready for battle Since scripture predates the second amendment My mandate to bear arms grandfathered the constitution I’m down to love my enemies, do good to those who hate me bless those who curse me, and pray for those who use me Don’t get it twisted, if I have to snatch a double edged sword, bow and arrow, slick shot and a rock, a staff, a jaw bone, or a gun I’m at peace to war for any cause The Lord approves.

I’m sure the world wonders how in the world the black man is still alive after the constant murder of millions unlawful incarcerations, and endless assaults to exterminate its kind since the 1400s Ginlè nèg sa yo se yon