Black and White Tandem

Photo by BP Miller

Biden took a bite out of 2020 and Trumped his opponent to become the 46th president elect of the United States. He historically chose a black woman as his running mate, an audacious move that has broken multiple barriers. Can the powerhouse biracial tandem reroute America from going down the path of self destruction?

Uprooting Trump's trunk from America's leadership soil is half the battle. The better question should be will Joe and Kamala be able to help the U.S. flourish again? They're inheriting a country submerged under health and racial pandemics, steep wealth gap, erosive school culture, degenerating inequality, fractured foreign relationships, and stark climate crisis. This sounds more like an equation for failure, but yet America is hopeful.

It is hoping that Biden's 36 years in the senate and two terms as vice president will be