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Birth Pains

Wars, dirty poli-tricks, crimes, abominations, and now a pandemic… You name it, we’re living it every single day! Each time the earth quakes with disasters, mother earth’s richter scale increases with painful contractions. This world was freely given to us to inhabit, now we’ve impregnated it with selfishness and bad seeds. We water the soil with murderous blood from our fellow man while malice is used as fertilizer. We tamper with heterosexual procreation and dismiss Jesus as God’s manual to mankind. Morality has been put to bedrest, its water broke. This is just the beginning. Mother earth is dilating; it’s the beginning of the birth pains. As lawlessness increases, the centimeters are rising. Epidural is injecting, churches are backsliding. Many are falling away, betraying one another, hating each other, and being led astray by false prophets. clock is ticking, systematic breathing, second coming of Christ is imminent, what’s your decision? Once heaven delivers its begotten son’s second coming, our eviction from this earth will be permanent. Have you secured your final destination?

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