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This week's blog, I'm honored to have fellow poet Marcken Volmy. He's also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and founder of Bedrock Counseling, a company that offers a full scope of counseling services that includes teletherapy.

Marcken is gracious enough to share his poem "Beauty" with us. Here's a brief explanation of the piece.

"Women, especially women of color are one of the most marginalized groups of people. As a result of this, women tend to pick up the slack where a lot of men fall short in caring for them. This can lead to a plethora of unresolved mental health issues that can go unnoticed as just a woman being strong again. I wrote the poem "Beauty" in homage to all of the women out there who are persevering through life in spite of it."



by Marcken Volmy

I remember the days

When meaningful statements

Made the best speeches

When less was more

Equally portioned out

To selfish and compassionate people

Spiritually conditioned to resist

The brutality of brute strength

Your selfless efforts

Perspire into the morning dew

That brushes against your night gown

You are woman

Cut from a fabric creatively woven

To match the patterns of her exclusivity

Her predecessors have made much

Of a God who’s graced her for times like this

She blushes at the scars of comparison

That are inaccurately portrayed by the media

So she socially hides her insecurities

In fears of befriending a world that never

Embraced her status in the first place

She’s that single mother who's committed to the struggle

She’s that unappreciated wife expected

To meet everyone else’s expectations but her own

She silently fears someone eavesdropping

On the daily conversations she has with her younger self

She’s a queen with regal grace

Disregarded by many

And very few have loved like her

She’s the quintessential of

What little girls would love to be like

And the type of woman a real man

Would love to marry

Her smile is thought provoking

And her conversations would

Keep divorced couples engaged

She has carried the burdens

Of living up to a status quo

That has miscarried her worth

Leaving her puzzled and bewildered

As she struggles to piece back her brokenness

That cuts at those closest to her

Society judges her by her shape

Finding her guilty

Of shaping the confidence of insecure little girls

She loves deeply to overcompensate

For those that have purposefully hurt her

She’s the first to rise

And the last one whose head massages her pillow at night

Men have hurt her in places where

Scalpels would dull out before making a single incision

She rose on the horizon of God’s mind

To stimulate mystery in places

That are still unbeknownst to artistry

Her silhouette is behind every great man

And only a fool would leave her for

The embrace of what’s destined to not last

She is beautiful, Proverbs 31, damaged goods, can’t forgive herself

Wears her indiscretions daily

A naked soul

Clothed by Christ

Left to believe in a God who will

One day make all things right

She’s spent a lifetime dealing

With the ugliness of life

That’s brought out the beauty in her femininity

She is woman in every sense of the word

And to me that is true beauty

© Copyright Marcken Volmy 2020

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