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Poet | Writer | Educator | Motivational Speaker

Berwick Augustin is a dynamic author, keynote speaker, and educational consultant who works with individuals and organizations to amplify their cultural diversity and effectiveness. Audiences delight in his practical strategies.

His career embodies two decades of experience as a teacher, reading coach, and assistant principal. Berwick is an expert at tailoring curricula, creating, and delivering training programs with passion to help others effectively do the same.

Did we mention that Berwick is a spoken word artist of Haitian descent? This means he is a bilingual creative with a rich cultural tapestry who can personally relate to others who share the same. From humble beginnings as an immigrant, he has grown to become a college graduate, published author, and brainchild of Evoke180 Publishing. His ultimate objective is to help children, youth, and educators spark passion in their purpose.

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Writing creates power through the imagination.

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